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Kód: 10713636


Dodanie trvá 12 týždňov.

Dátum vydania: 25.10.2012
Žáner: Reggae
EAN: 0616892880929 (info)
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

The newest member of the Megalith Records family! Straight out of Europe, Copenhagen to be exact. Babylove And The Van Dangos are sure to please your rough and tough traditional ska needs, with some flavors of Caribbean dance, 2tone skanks and even some slow'd out dub stylee-ings! One of the things I enjoy most about this band is their working class lyrics and attitude. Ideals we can all relate to, no matter what country you live in. I think too many bands sing about events and life situations that their audience have no connection to, or they just sing about completely lifeless random's very refreshing to listen to a band and be able to know where they are coming from. On top of great lyrics, this band can really work over the ska beat and make your feet move. Bringing to you all the key elements for a full ska band, horns, keys, tight guitar skanks and deep bass rhythms, all brought to light by a voice that will steal your girlfriend if you don't watch out! I have some live recordings of this band playing 20 minute plus songs! You gotta be good to solo that much and keep the crowds interest ;) Don't be fooled by those imports you may be seeing floating around, the Megalith Records version of this release contains 4 (four) unreleased tracks. One being a classic ska cover, one live and two very well done acoustic ska treats! If you want the full ska package, pick this one up!

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