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*** Tento tovar už bohužial nie je v predaji.

Dátum vydania: 29.6.2007
Žáner: METAL
EAN: 9789078939023 (info)
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

3 Headed Monster came into existence in 2001 (albeit under the name 'Baptismal By Fire' that was later dropped for not being as cool as 3 Headed Monster) after the four child hood friends(Chris, Chris, Paul and Andy) decided that it was time to put aside their friendship... and start a band. So away they went on their merry way writing such early 3HM classics as 'Bitter End' and 'The Beast of Odo Island'. At some point they collectively said 'hey, you notice how we don't have a singer? No? Oh… well, we don't… but it's ok, cause it's cool!' and so the decision to be an instrumental power/thrash/death/prog/heavy/true metal band was made just like that. With that out of the way, the band started playing show after show and gained a cult following in the New England area based on their crazy live antics and songs filled to the brim with guitar shred. They would eventually release the now sold out/out of print EP 'All Out Attack!!', share the stage with acts like Gary Hoey and Sonata Arctica and have their music used by various independent wrestling promotions across the country. Through their instrumental songs 3 Headed Monster still manage tackle serious issues like giant monster movies and professional wrestling which apparently has touched peoples hearts… or something… and lead to a sort of cross over appeal in the United States that most metal bands don't usually have. Serious subject matter aside, the main appeal of 3HM lies in their ability to write enjoyable instrumental metal songs, the dual guitar shred of Chris and Chris and the dangerous and dastardly (but never dainty) rhythm section of Paul(Bass) and Andy(Drums). Style wise, 3 Headed Monster can't seem to settle on just one style with songs that run the gambit from pure power metal, to thrash, to prog, to death metal, to everything in between. It's not being indecisive, it's liking a bit of everything and not being afraid to combine those styles rather then feel forced to write a certain way. It keeps life exciting anyway. Despite the whole 'not having a singer' thing and playing a style that is rather overlooked in America, 3 Headed Monster have stayed true to their style over the past 5 years and never paid any attention to those dweebs who tried to say that true metal bands were a thing of the past. All the light heartedness aside, the band is quite serious about the music they like and the music they write and that's why they've started to gain some notice and that's why they are going to continue to gain notice. Moral of the story: 3 Headed Monster is here to stay.

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