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Kód: 31191566


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Dátum vydania: 2.3.2009
Žáner: JAZZ
EAN: 9006317202022 (info)
Label: JIVE
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

YACAZU, A GOOD SOUND! You could describe it as „Groove Jazz with symphonic touch'. Yacazu stands for colourful soundscape. And for „JAZZCATSZIP 4 U'(olala)! It's Rens Newland & Flip Philipp plus friends. The „friends': a fine selection of topmusicians. The CD is called „COOLLIKAMODDAFOKKA', a scandal on itself! A groovy symbiosis of intellectual and sponteous moments. This is the 1st album of the two masterminds Rens Newland and Flip Philipp! Cool themes and pearly solos from jazzguitar and vibes in moving Groove-, Soul-, Raga-, World-, R&B-influences work into the jazzy thinkin‘ of the two composers. You can call it Acid Jazz, Groove Jazz, it is just good for the heart and the body! Guests: Prince Zeka, Bumi Fian, Diana Jirkuff, Silvio Berger, Willi Langer, Toni Mühlhofer, Harry Ganglberger, Oliver Gattringer, Patrice Heral, a.m.o.! Yacazu = rens newland & phlipp philipp & friends??(jive music) jm 2020-2??obwohl noch kein 'durchbruch' erfolgt ist, hat 'yacazu' sich durch diese cd national und international einen extrem guten namen gemacht! ?sowohl als künstlerisches statement, wie auch als easy-listening-cd ist nur positives zu hören.?das wird daran liegen, daß die geistigen väter dieses projektes (die 'jazzcats“), rens newland & flip philipp, einfach cool sind! ??yacazu ist groovy! ?yacazu ist einmalig! ?yacazu is bunt! ?yacazu steht für 'jazzcatszip 4 u“?(jazztypengeigenfürdich)! ??rens newland: der bekannte jazz- und studiogitarrist, komponist, arrangeur und producer (z.b. Ex-ostinato! )?phlip philipp: anerkanntes vibraphon-genie und symphoniker?the 'friends“: eine bunte mischung von spitzenmusikern und performer 'live“ und auf cd??der titel der aktuellen cd heißt 'coollikamoddafokka“, ein skandal an sich! ?eine bunte mischung aus heimischen spitzenmusikern(u.a.silvio berger, peter duke, diana jirkuff..), streichern und flötisten (wiener symphoniker) & internationalen gästen wie patrice heral(f), cedric bradley (usa), prince zeka (zaire) ...! ??die aktuelle “live” besetzung (herbst-tour 99):?“ebrah” (ebrahim clyde ongeri) - rap?rens newland - guitars, vocals?flip philipp - vibes?willi langer - bass?oliver gattringer - drums, vocals??die nächste cd wird bald erscheinen: “lissatodashiddaplai” geht wieder drei schritt` weiter: melodisch mit jaqueline patricio als solistin, richtiger hip-hop-einfluß mit “ebrah”+friends und noch knackigere instrumentals! Ohren auf! Rens Newland - guitar artist Born 1953 in Holland, Rens Newland started his musical career playing in several cross-over bands. Especially 'Scope' was pioneering and successful (Billboard jazz charts). The band also toured in Germany. In 1977 he moved to Vienna, to play with the Austrian Radio (ORF) Big Band and the Erich Kleinschuster Sextet, performing with European and American stars (concerts and broadcasting shows in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland...). At this time he was also doing his first solo projects, like 'Electrio' and 'Newland.' After the dissolution of the ORF Big Band (1981), he joined 'Ostinato,' where he was able to unfold his talents in funky and jazz playing, as well as in writing for the horn section (he co-leaded with Thomas Böröcz). A series of albums came out and also the cooperation with Gina Charito started. The band did a lot of club and festival touring in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In the years up to 1991 he still did a lot of featured playing, writing and producing for Austrian Radio, a.o. with the ORF Symphony Orchestra and the Moonlight Orchestra, In 1991 he co-produced the Vienna Big Band Machine album and together with Martin Fuss and Hans Salomon he founded the record label JIVE MUSIC. In 1993, he and Bumi Fian started the 'Enfant Terrible' project with Thomas Lang, Willi Langer and Woody Schabata. They played at several festivals and in 1995 the first CD came out. In 1996 Rens presented the solo album '(about) sexy Jazz' with musical friends like Joris Dudli and Herwig Gradischnig. Two other projects followed in 1997: his first acoustic solo guitar album and the special septet 'Brassbabies & Rhythmkids,' 'live' and on CD, with Werner Feldgrill, Christian Maurer, Gerald Preinfalk and others. The new vibraphone player of Enfant Terrible - Flip Phillip - turned out to be a congenial musical partner and with him Rens started 1997 the intellectual groove-jazz project 'Yacazu,' a challenging band with various vocal soloists, like Cedric or Jacqueline Patricio. As a result of this interesting collaboration a cd was presented in the beginning of 1998. He also produced the Gina Charito comeback album 'Wanna make love to you.' Besides that a collaboration with Gloria Gaynor started this year: With the Newland Band he did several international concerts (Switzerland, Germany).1999 he starts touring and recording with the new solo-project 'Rens Newland & Fonky World“: a cooking guitar trio - extended with double percussion (Stephan Maaß and Moses Afanyi) featuring also Lionel Lodge with vocals and poetry. Rens and his NEWLAND BAND did some touring with the Supremes (France, Germany; Austria). In 2000 the cooperation with Lionel Lodge got more intensive: Lots of duo gigs. The new band 'Rens Newland´s Groovit' feat. R'becca starts performing and recording. In 2001 big concerts and touring with Gloria Gaynor(Austria, Spain, Dubai). Concerts in the Ukrain, cooperation and concerts with the group Braty Bluzu from there (in Linz and Kiev). Very successful openings with Lionel Lodge to Alanis Morisette und Jethro Tull concerts. Presentation of the Lionel Lodge & Rens Newland Unplugged Project, live and on CD. In 2002 the Lionel Lodge & Rens Newland CD 'Sailig To The Sirens' was released, furthermore a live CD with Braty Bluzu. Big 'Music Without Bounderies' concerts in Kiev and Kalush, Ukraine... Another interesting Jazz/R ´n B crossover project started : 'Impact Project' feat. R´Becca, and the presentation of a new voice: Marija De Silva. As a Musical Director he is touring with Gloria Gaynor and The Supremes again (a.o. Schwitzerland, Denmark, Spain). 2003 a production with exclusively compositions of his 'About'-cycle (created in the last days of DDR in East Berlin!) is released: The CD 'Move That Thing', Rens Newland on Jazzguitar with his Groove Jazz Formation 'groovit': Willi Langer on Bass, three great drummers in rotation: Oliver Gattringer, Joris Dudli and Christian Leitner. Guests: R'Becca (vocals), Geri Schuller (Keyboards), Flip Philipp (Vibraphone)! Presentation tour in Austria. Summerfestivals with Gloria Gaynor and more international Concerts with Lionel Lodge and Braty Bluzu. In the studio and as a producer very active: a.o. D.e.w.i.e.n.e.r.s (Hip HOP), Flip Philipp (Modern Jazz), Joschi Schneeberger (swing)... Rebecca makes it into the final round of the austrian version of 'Idols'(Starmania), further work on her CD. Complete Orchestration for the CD version of the Musical 'Schlaraffenland'. 2004 Recording and release of the band-CD 'It's Not My Fault' with the Lionel Train. Recording of CD's of Heinz von Hermann, Jazzmetalex, Joschi Schneeberger Quintet. Summer festivals and East Europe Tour (Art On Ice) with Gloria Gaynor. Release of the CD 'The Bliss' (Rebecca Kolland meetz Rens Newland) Starting occasional engagement as stage musician at the 'Burgtheater'. 2005 Presentation and CD preparation of the 2nd line instrumental project 'Back Beat', feat. John Sass, Daniel Nösig, and more. Germany tour with group of musical stars. Rens Newland has worked with: Toots Thielemans, Lou Rawls, Clark Terry, The Supremes, Edu Lobo, Michel Legrand, Kai Winding, Joe Zawinul, Toni Lakatos, Harry Sokal, Catarina Valente, Gloria Gaynor, Gilbert Becaud, Barry Manilow, Wolfgang Puschnig, Jerry Lewis, Jose Carreras, Dorretta Carter, Mainstreet, Willy Ketzer... and many more. Selected discography: -'Scope I,' 'Scope II' Warner Music - ORF Big Band 'Maurische Anekdoten' -'NEWLAND' - 'Siberian Husky' - Ostinato: 'Ostinato,' 'Slowwalker,' 'Having Fun' (with Gina Charito) Holiday Music, 'Pump up the Horns' Music Pool, 'Modern Line Event' BMG, -'Vienna Big Band Machine' Jive Music - ENFANT TERRIBLE! - 'Freedom for Everybody' PAO Records -'Romantic Symphony' with the ORF Symphony Orchestra and the Moonlight Orchestra Jive Music - RENS NEWLAND: '(about) sexy Jazz' Jive Music, 'Manchildparty' (with Brassbabies & Rhythmkids) Jive Music, 'Acoustic Daydreams' Jive Music, 'Fonk Is My Fate' Jive Music - YACAZU: 'Coollikamoddafokka' Jive Music, 'Lissatodashiddaplai' Jive Music Friedrich Philipp- Pesendorfer, alias Flip Philipp Was born in 1969 in Oberwart (Austria). He received his first music lessons at the age of 5 including recorder, trumpet & euphonium. At the age of 7 he choosed the drums to be his favorite instrument. With 14 he attended percussion courses at the Music University of Graz/Austria. Further on he studied mallet instruments at the Franz Schubert-Konservatorium and attended Jazztheory & Improvisation Clinics at the Berklee Summercollege of Music in Perugia / Italy. 1990 he became Principal Percussionist of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. 2006 teaches at Tokushima Bunri University (Japan). Besides he played with Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna Mahler Chamber Orchestra Super World Orchestra Orchester d. Bayerischen Rundfunk (Germany) Ferhan & Ferzan Önder(Turkey) Vienna Art Orchestra (A) Sinshi Tanimura (Japan) Fujiko hemming (Japan) Ensemble des 20.Jahrhunderts (A) Ensemble Die Reihe (A) Klangforum (A) Natalie Cole, Joe zawinul, Lalo Schifrin, Diana Ross, Placido Domingo, José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti, Diane Warwick, Wayne Horvitz, Patrick Pulsinger Richard Dorfmeister, Selected CD -Recordings Flip Philipp Quintet- Bad follows Good (released 2003) Flip Philipp Quintet–Muse (released 2001) Flipotronics- Tape (released 2000) Flip Philipp / Ed Partyka Dectet- Something wrong with you? (2005)

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