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Kód: 32001093


Dodanie trvá 5 týždňov.

Dátum vydania: 2.12.2016
Žáner: Rock
EAN: 4260125295293 (info)
Label: Rockwerk Records
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

A few comments on 'Addicted': 'The CD sounds excellent. Some great musical ideas!' (Michael Sadler, SAGA) 'Oliver Rüsing has done an awesome job!!! 'Do Yourself a Favour' and get a hold of this awesome album especially if you like neo-prog with an emphasis on great song-writing and musicianship.' (Sean Timms, Unitopia / Southern Empire) 'What a great voice. It actually sounds kind of like Peter Cetera. Great arrangements, great songwriting.' (Andrew Colyer, Circuline / The Prog Rock Orchestra / The Tubes) 'Really an album for a big audience! Oliver's voice is wonderful to listen to, catchy vocal melodies and great arrangements. The fresh sound is striking as soon as you start listening. The production is well done in every detail.' (Wouter van Hal, Progpraat Magazine NL) 'An album to escape from the busy activity of modern civilizations with Rüsing's melancholic vocals in the epicenter of a warm sound-quake that occasionally brings to mind Marillion's first four studio albums.' (Matthias Mineur, Classic Rock Mag) 'Karibow’s sound starts at neo prog, but also embraces pop, with a focus on complex rhythms and beautiful vocals. If you are looking for prog that’s soaked with catchy melodies to escape from a grey day, then this CD is a must have!' (Giancarlo Bolther, Rock Impressions Mag) 'Fans of ASIA, SAGA or TOTO will feel home.' (Marc Langels, 'Addicted is a powerful AOR oriented progressive rock album that includes a lot of catchy tunes. Check the band's internet links and get the stylishly designed CD!' (Bernd Wäsche, Twilight Magazin) 'On this almost eighties minutes long album you can listen to sixteen compositions. Compositions on which you hear a thin line between pop, rock and neo-progressive rock music. Most of them are up tempo and have rather catchy melodies. But this doesn't mean they aren't enjoyable. Not at all! Oliver manages to create music that doesn't take a lot of listening sessions to decide if the tracks are worth listening to, because all of them are! He knows how to give those tracks the right musical colour, so you can stayed focused until it comes to an end. He does this by playing a strong guitar solo or adding fine keyboard chords. Vocal wise I didn't hear any problems either. He has a good voice and sings without the obvious German accent.' (Henri Strik, Background Magazine NL) More info on Karibow: Karibow's work is primarily influenced by pop, rock and neo-progressive music, but these ingredients are merged into a new and appealing, contemporary world of sound. The tense and dramatic compositions combine catchy melodic vocal archs, highly complex grooves and comprehensively designed guitar work with cinematic and spherical keyboard sounds. Karibow's expressive musical arrangements invite you to get involved with an emotionally moving and intense listening experience. Karibow was founded by Oliver Rüsing in 1997. Over the years, various cd productions have documented a long musical development somewhere between progressive rock, electronic music and poprock that was eventually crowned by the German Rock & Pop Award for 'Man Of Rust' in December 2011. Once starting as a studio project, Karibow has more and more become a live band. In December 2014, Karibow had the privilege to be honoured with the German Rock & Pop Award again, this time as 'Best Progressive Band'.

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