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Longital - CD Teraz

 Teraz -
 Teraz -
Kód: 20843762


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Dátum vydania: 12.10.2010
Žáner: EAN: 8588002826528 (viac info)
Label: Slnko records
Obsahuje nosičov: 1
Nosič: CD

Popis - Teraz:
Everyone has some kind of passion inside, something that one can do for others best, unlike no one else, from the very center of one‘s being, may it be the most banal thing in the world, such as assisting someone in a shop, or sweeping the street. By doing this one becomes part of the puzzle that makes this world complete and simultaneously finds oneself as indispensable being, standing firmly in its place. The album Teraz / Now is about taking this place here and now, and living joyfully with all the quests and obstacles, that are laid before us. Lyrics in English (singing in Slovak language): JUST FLYING BY Dragons and clouds bags and sacks crows and trains scarfs and hats windows and doors cats and toys legs and arms hearts and minds Just flying by Just flying by Time and words wrinkles from love ideas at night things and ads Clouds and dragons breath going in breath coming out words and words and words and words insults and inspiration motorbikes and horns nights and days, nights and days guitars and songs cars and planes figures in a dream, in a dream ... Just flying by Just flying by --- SO So far away, so close So high, so low So deeply, so shallowly --- OUTSIDE You cannot block the exit not even standing in the door standing inside you´re pulled outside the door is open, the wings are spread wide prodding me out, out and outside The outside is a road that´s leading nowhere The outside is a road that´s leading nowhere The wind from the city, from the fields asks noone and drags the stink and fragments of odours and throws them into our face like cruel news, our daily bread With restlessness we cannot hide we want to fight it so we run outside The outside is a road that´s leading nowhere The outside is a road that´s leading nowhere During this step I am whole And in this moment I´m awake A single bite is in my mouth This word now This word now --- DRAGON CLOUDS I´m mute without him Without me, he is blind I´m his sight, he´s my voice together, we´re a mighty dragon Twoheaded Twoheaded Twoheaded Head filled up with speeding skies Speeding clouds running wild There´s no why, they are for free Even the wind´s blowing bizarrely Head filled up with speeding skies senses like clouds, running wild the wind´s for free, there is no why and the Sun you cannot sell or buy Headstrong Headstrong Headstrong Dragon clouds, Dragon clouds --- THROUGH THE GATE There´s a place outside the gate That´s where I´m at And the gate guards her own protects what is behind her We look at each other And I am certain she´ll let me step over the sill I´ll find a stern yes in her eyes She´ll ask me to leave behind All that I carry To forget all I ever was I can enter all alone I can enter naked step over the sill and shout step over and shout Aaahh No ears shall hear me No eyes shall follow me My mind made up, I´ll step forward now and disappear behind the gate disappear behind the gate Light for dinner Glow as my bed Sleep in complete silence And the morning? The morning will come in the morning And now is now --- UP AND DOWN THE MOUNTAIN We found a mountain and we climbed it We went up and we went down To offer the feet to the ground To lean the sight against the woods Whatever touches us, we let inside whatever slips by, is for the wind to have with quick feet we dive into the meadows we run off to see the world, we look for our home after a while at home we run outside again we won´t find anything that isn´t here we won´t find anything that is not right now All by ourselves on the way on the way to ourselves we ourselves are our own way we ourselves for us we go there and we come back we go there and we come back... we found a river, we crossed the water and on the other side we took a look back what was here is on the other side across the divide on the other side we went up, we went down we found a mountain and came to the sea we go there and we come back we go there and we come back what was here is on the other side on the other side across the divide --- MY DEAR Look inside me like into wild waters Look inside me like into a deep well Look inside me like I´m a storm that´s nearing Look inside me, inside me, inside me And if you fear, if you fear the depths You only fear yourself, my dear I know, this battle´s been here for long but who keeps track of that time, just you and me I know, it´s good to settle down but it´s better to cut your way straight to the heart And if you fear, if you fear the depths You only fear yourself, my dear And like waves, wave after wave the eyes fill up with images that speak of us like waves on the shore one chased by another like two boats, you and me were both in the same water And if you fear, if you fear the depths You only fear yourself, my dear --- IS THAT ALL? I am sitting here and watching the things ending silent beauty of accomplished state When I finish all the things I need to where do I fade away? I look within me I flow Changing all the time an adventurous ride down the waters wild when my time has come and gone with silence i will become one under the surface ill disappear a cloudless state, the skies all clear is that all? is that all? is that all? Let, in silence, my day become yours let us double all of its joys let our breath leave our chests without a care let that breath become other people´s air is that all? is that all? is that all?

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